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This fundraiser supports El Pozo de Vida or The Well of Life

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$700 raised
35% of $2,000 goal

About This Fundraiser

Can you juggle? Maybe you can do one-armed pushups, or rattle off Sir Mix A Lot’s crowning poetic masterpiece a cappella. The point is, God has blessed us all with a talent of some kind. Show everyone that crazy thing you do where you twist your arm around your back and it looks disgusting, or you reenact every scene from Star Wars Episode IV (the REAL Star Wars). And all that pales in comparison to the amazing stuff our Newsong KIDS can do.

Newsong LA wants to put all of that talent to work for a great cause. On Saturday, August 29th at 6:30pm, we’ll be hosting a talent show to raise funds for El Pozo de Vida (The Well of Life), a safe home for trafficked minors in Mexico City. The Well has outgrown its current home, and needs to raise $200,000 by the end of August for the purchase of a new facility. Newsong LA has sent two mission teams down to Mexico City in the last year, and has witnessed firsthand the transformational impact that God is making through The Well.

So come to watch the adorable kids showcase their talents, but stay to see the adults make fools of themselves. Don’t think you have any talent? Don’t worry- your talent is having a heart to help those in need, and giving from that same heart to a cause that’s much bigger than yourself.

Newsong LA talent show
Saturday, August 29 6:30pm
Newsong Church
Contact Tina Chen (tinachenpt@gmail.com) for sign-up info

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About El Pozo de Vida or The Well of Life

The Well of Life fights for the eradication of modern-day slavery and human trafficking.

Read what Benny Yu wrote: I believe that we are in the midst of addressing the greatest human rights tragedy of our generation.

Initially, after learning that there were more than 27 million modern day slaves in our world today, of whom 7-8 million are child sex-slaves, I was enraged and opted to pursue vigilante type of rescues as a means to fight against this injustice.  As I became more familiar with the raids and rescue process, it became  evident that there were no safe homes or facilities for victims to go once they were rescued.  Hence, the vision of El Pozo de Vida, A.C. was born.

I realized that the initial work of rescues was difficult, but more significant would be the process after the rescue, the restoration and rehabilitation of the victims.  Our EPDV home and programs we have developed are in response to a commitment to provide holistic transformation for these vicitms.

I know we cannot do this alone.  Even with our collaboration with government agencies and other rescue homes (which we are one of maybe three here in Mexico City), we are only in the initial stages of addressing this global issue.  The gross reality is, human trafficking exists on a global scale, but together, we can create a global freedom revolution and a global abolitionist movement to end modern day slavery.  Will you join us to do your part?

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