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Newsong LA one word Vision: Reconciliation

Vision Statement:  Newsong LA is an intentionally diverse community being reconciled to God and one another to love, learn and serve in any context for the cause of Christ.


Core Values

Christ: Walk with Jesus

No matter where you are spiritually our hope is to help you grow one step closer to Christ.

Pursing a personal relationship with Jesus is the true essence of our faith and essential in life transformation. Throughout our daily pursuit, we experience Him through our celebration, laughter, worship, joy and pain. Because God is so massive, He is beyond our comprehension and we must embrace the mystery of who God is in our own lives.



Community: Finding your team

To be known, to love and be loved-MISSIONAL, not just a small group. Small group is just a form. You can have community even in larger groups. Humans by nature are social creatures. God not only designed us to live in a deep relationship with Him, but also with others. The journey in life is hard and the maturation of the journeyman is nearly impossible without fellow travelers around him or her. Life is a team effort. Who’s on your team?



Cause: Find your mission

To passionately and holistically use your time, treasure and talents to transform lives. What gives you purpose in life? We believe that everybody should have a purpose and a cause that is bigger then themselves. Without this key component, life becomes all about the individual and that gets old fast. To have a missional purpose is to live for something greater. We believe together is better than alone, especially when it comes to a place of belonging.



Third Culture

Being third culture is having the mindset and the will to love, learn, and serve in any culture, even in the midst of pain and discomfort. As we mature in knowing Christ’s character, we discover that he has called us to love and serve cultures and people unlike our own - may it be racially, or socioeconomically.



Everyone Plays: cWoW Church without Walls

Serving the least of these and loving our neighbor. We are relevant to culture and adaptable to our world. We are a community without walls. We engage our local communities. Our culture is not about strong-arming you into a connection with God but about honest conversations concerning our relationship with God, our community with one another, and our responsibility to humbly serve the misfits of our world.


Be Water My Friend: Multicultural

Bruce Lee, a legend in martial arts, once said “You put water in a cup, it becomes a cup. You put water into the bottle, it becomes the bottle. You put it into a teapot, it becomes a teapot. The water can flow. The water can crash… be water my friend.” Our water- our message- remains what it always has been: the love of Jesus. As Christians we must change the shape of the message to fit the cultural context of the people we are loving and serving so that they can receive Jesus’ love.  Newsong is a community of believers who can adapt to every form of culture and see a church without walls, non-hierarchical, but supportive and catalytic in nature. Newsong is a global community with many different sizes and shapes, rural and urban, collaborating in leadership development, missional initiatives, and the sharing of resources. While the truth of God may not change, each generation must construct its own language and style to connect with God and with the real world.


The New A.B.C.’s of Ministry

Artists: The Voice

The arts and the artists who create them set the tone of truth in today’s society. Artists are the prophets of every generation, a prophet even non-Christians listen to. The arts infiltrate main culture and firmly set the nomenclature of today’s times. Embracing the arts is the best way to speak to today’s modern world.


Businesspersons: The Dreamers

Business people are the fuel for any movement. They can lead entrepreneurial initiatives that help to spark the church’s  initiatives locally and globally. They oftentimes possess the mix of creativity, sustainable management and systems that keep any organization on mission. In order to be successful, business people are already Third-Culture minded, so they already have the skills to gravitate and serve in multi-cultural experiences for God’s Kingdom.


Community Development Specialists: The Builders

If business people are the visionaries for a God-sized movement, the builders are the foundation. They are the teachers, doctors, builders, counselors, politicians, emergency aid workers and spiritual guides. Without these people, any great idea would crumble.


What do you have in your hand?

You may ask yourself, “I have really nothing to give to the world. I need to be a better leader to lead a ministry in church.” Excuses run through our heads concerning why we need more resources in order to do Jesus’ will. But God really asks us, “What is in your hand?” Meaning, what talents do you already possess? How can you offer those talents to others? They may be small in your eyes, but if God can feed four thousand with some bread and fish in a little boy’s hands, God can do wonders with the very little that you believe you have in yours.


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