Missions Portfolio

Missions Portfolio

$56,944 raised
  • Newsong LA
  • Long Term Missionary
  • Donations to this project are tax-deductible

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(Kai & Lauren)

Bridges International School

(Jean & Jenny Kim)

World Vision Run for Clean Water

Faculty Bridges

(Randy & Cheryl Lee)

Cry Out!

Safe Families

About This Project

What’s in your investment portfolio? Are you investing for the future? How about your investments for eternity? Newsong LA introduces the Mission Advancement Portfolio for your consideration. The Portfolio will feature a variety of ministries that are doing Evangelism, Justice, Advocacy, or Compassion.

This is an opportunity for investing time, talent and treasure in God’s Kingdom.


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Project Owner

Newsong LA

Newsong LA is a multicultural church with an upbeat celebratory worship service, relevant message and a community that's involved in local and global concerns of justice, advocacy and the poor.

  • Website http://newsongla.net
  • Address

    5875 Green Valley Cir, #200
    Culver City, California 90230

  • Phone (310) 807- 5795

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