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Hong Kong Mission

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About This Project

I had my first encounter with urban poverty in 2003. As a junior in college, I heard God calling me to make a lifelong commitment to serve the poor.

Since then, God has opened an opportunity for me to work with Operation Mobilization in Hong Kong (OMHK) to serve local ethnic minorities. Hong Kong is a metropolitan melting pot much like Los Angeles, to where people of many cultures and ethnicities migrate in search of work. In particular, there is a great demand for live-in domestic helpers from Southeast Asia, and women in this line of work face harsh conditions and discrimination from employers. Other immigrants, who work various blue-collar jobs, reside in Sham Shui Po, the poorest district in Hong Kong.
Having come from an immigrant family myself, I am particularly excited about joining a ministry that reaches out to ethnic minorities and migrant workers. OMHK currently focuses on two under-served groups: the Indonesians and Pakistanis; our aim is to help local Hong Kong churches build relationships with these two vulnerable populations by meeting their practical needs.


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Newsong LA

Newsong LA is a multicultural church with an upbeat celebratory worship service, relevant message and a community that's involved in local and global concerns of justice, advocacy and the poor.

  • Website http://newsongla.net
  • Address

    5875 Green Valley Cir, #200
    Culver City, California 90230

  • Phone (310) 807- 5795

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